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Another Peaceful Ending
By DaNoVa

-Introduction to George (main character and protagonist)-
Twas a night like this one, little did George know that, later that day, his life would be completely rearranged*
George was a quiet fellow, sensitive, creative, mellow*
Not the vengeful type George's favorite color was yellow*
Anyone George encountered he would openly say hello*
He was the type of man that’ll give you a good price on a kilo*
Smooth operator runs that neighborhood conveyor*
Full time contributor to the city mayor*
Respected by the who’s who light as a prayer but often seen Rocking to Heavy Metal Slayer*

-Introduction to George’s and Betty’s relationship-
Once while in the corner store George ran into Betty*
So voluptuous her lips George lost his cool and became sweaty*
George approached the landing strip signaled by Betty’s massive hips*
Little did George know this move would eventually sink his battleship*
Merrily they went, George and Betty heaven sent, building a relationship a place to finally vent*

-Introduction to Betty (main character and protagonist)-
Now Betty was a small time hoodlum in her own right*
Known for carving out her path and handling her own plight*
She owned a 22, had to pop a few, but on the balance sheet figured squarely not confused*
Betty never over spent a cent, Betty made good on her rent*
Betty was a race horse sponsored by prevalent*
Betty lost her dad when she was young now she only had her mom*
Besides that a big dream to write a song*
Betty's little brother always figured in her scheme,
Someway, somehow, someway, somehow, the sun will come out tomorrow, but for now, there are clouds so Betty taught her brother to ignore pain and crack a smile and stick around and when the opportunity presents itself lead the crowd*

-George’s character surmised-
To be or not be George was self-addressing*
And that was a question George's mind was constantly repressing*
See believe it or gripe George was the philosophical type*
It was a common site for George to introvert imagined insight*
Now some would call that deep but most would think that that's distracted*
George felt thinking positive only good things would be attracted*
Sort of naive*
But when you can't call police*
Because the income generated dismissed IRS fees*
And you can't count on God because burned would be your knees*
Optimistic approach was the better of these*

-Betty’s character surmised-
Mostly pain partly love Betty's experience surmised*
Hope well dried because her tears were never exercised*
Bettys whole world was misshaped*
Earth wasn't round it was rapped*
Taken advantage by the smart aleck endless debate*
Mislead and faked like President Nixon's Watergate*
But she'd be damned if Betty let her brother share her mistakes*
Betty would state*
If it's the last thing in this world she'd would take*
To ensure her little brothers life turned out to be great*

-George’s and Betty’s relationship described -
So there you have it two power players sharing success*
But on the down side facing inner demons, doubts and unrest*
George lost in thought, and Betty real upset about her past*
Betty and George were kissing in a tree seemed it would last*
Even Betty’s brother and mom were growing fond of Mr. George*
Like a family they would hang out and watch the sun set on the porch*
We be moving on up, together, financially, emotionally maybe finally happiness reached George and Betty‘s life like this relationship was meant to be*

-Introduction to Westside Willy (antagonist) and character surmised -
But unbeknownst to both, Westside Willy’s game was getting close*
And, Westside Willy was competitive, chauvinistic, gross*
And, Westside’s reputation was one of concern*
Not a negotiator, not a fair collaborator, Westside Willy was the originator the epitome of the cultural term better known as Hater*
The fly in the ointment*
One day Westside Willy left the Westside for deployment*
Seeking another corner to unravel pill enjoyment*
And his stash was cut but Willy made you an offer you can’t refuse*
Either buy from him or show up missing on the headline news*
Marked for consumers to know which product to be choosing*
Watching Willies distribution process was amusing*
Crack was light poles marked with white shoes*
Horse was light poles marked with black shoes*
Weed and seeds was light poles marked with pink shoes*
Convenient and safe was Willies calling card*
As with buffo cash Willy paid off squad cars*
In fact, Willies West side was in no doubt, Willy owned those streets*
Willy owned those streets, Willy, Willy, Willy owned those streets*
Not according to me, wait did you ask my consent to start a spot*
I grew up on this block*
Willy, you can’t just come in and think you can operate like some doc*
We'll stand together like a flock*
And strap you down like a jock*
Take them shoes down from the light pole before you get shocked*
You pick the wrong neighborhood where you will get got*
Get back west and call me when you get there best this ain’t chess I ain’t the one involved with Elliot Ness*
Now who’s with me, but George was standing alone*
Surrounded by goons, he used to pay on his own*
Bystanders were gone, in the far distance car alarm*
George felt something wasn’t right then someone grabbed on his arm*
Bettys little brother but what’s he doing here and what ever happen to his hair*
“Kid come here”, Said Westside,” his hair looks fair”.
Matter fact it’s not like you really don’t care
The entire East Side for my approach it prepares*
I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse*
If we get into a fight you are definitely gonna lose*
My existence is foretold, by the young, middle aged and one’s old*
And just standing here you cost me money*
And I ain’t even trying to be funny*
Now you’ve gone too far Willy*
Said George in a way that gave me the willies*
He was falling back and willy was continuing attack*
Now wait Willy we can find a way to work this all out*
I need time to think it over I have to sprang the thought for mic check to mc DaNoVa*
And then Willy said, you’ve got ten seconds kid after that the death drumroll*
10, 9, 8, 7,6,5,4,3,2,1,

-Betty (pro to antagonist)-
Reaching for the gun and just then Betty says wait up son*
You’ve got to give him a minimum of 24 cool, that’s a player unspoken, agreed upon rule*
Willy was stunned*
A smiled curled lip shiny tooth and tiny tongue*
The way Willy addressed Betty made George feel a weight you can call a ton*
Now Betty was a small time hoodlum in her own right*
Known for carving out her path and handling her own plight*
She owned a 22, had to pop a few, And man you would've never guessed who Betty’s gun was pointed to*
Sorry George you gotta do what you’ve do so make up your mind*
“Look, be like me” said Betty I‘ve already sign the dotted line*
Now I’ve got to go to the mall and pick out my jacket’s new design*
You wanna come with us we traveling in Willie's caravan*
It’s parked right there on Grand*- Avenue*
I really hope you understand that and don’t feel like I’m back staving you*
-George weights in (protagonist hero)-
Nahhh it’s okay you're speaking to your partner about a murdering, lying, cheat*
When did ya plan this out when I was asleep*
Not a surprise, I can handle it these are not tears in the eyes*
I can roll with the punches let me catch my breath and re twine my spine*
No I don’t think so Willie and Betty*
I rather walk to my Mercedes, I’ll be back in the nineteen-eighties*
Sorry George but we can’t allow you to go back* so put your hands up we’ve already been through all that*
But big sis Betty I thought you said George and Willy were a team*
I’m your little brother and everything and you know I’ve got your back but Mr. George shared mama’s dream*
In our kitchen I remember you three standing over me looking real happy through all the coffee steam*
Shut up kid Willie suggested*
The gun come out pointed deflected*
Intention was George but the instrument of death*
Was not aimed at both Betty's little brother’s chest and George, wasn’t impressed*
George made a sudden choice and hoists his body to the gun noise*
He barely made it but heroism gave George the poise*

-Little Brother (concluding protagonist)-
Bettys little brother's eyes were still open but in slow motion as in a dream*
The coffee scene was replaced by gun smoke steam*
Now there weren’t 4 but only 3 left picture standing something sinister*
There was Betty’s Little brother and George and even Willy but Betty was no longer in the picture*
Mysteriously the church bell began singing and ringing and to register*
Death had picked Betty and later busy would be the Minister*
Betty was hit in the belly and Nooo not my girl noo got my girl,
It all occurred in a blur*
The breathing slowed and George caressed, Betty right down to her last breath*
But before she left, she gave George one last request and asked George to make her a final promise*
Forgive her lack of respect*
Her life was full neglect*
Betty now knew why she lived for on this very day Her little brother to George give*
You earned him it’s your reward for the brave way you acted*
Bettys last words were I see light beings in my head it feels kind of nice, oh look at that bright one you mean it’s when you carried me that only your footprints were left in the sand Jesus Christ*

-Little Brother (concluding protagonist)-
Willy took off, like someone moving away from a loss, sometime later he was murdered for being rich yet driving cheap cars*
George renamed little Betty's brother to bury the past and enrolled him in the Arts where his natural gifts helped him developed so fast*
Betty must feel proud when she looks down I’m sure that she smiles
And when I take the stage I sometimes see her face in the crowd*
I’ve gain some weight now I got a girl we go on dates George and mama they bought that grocery place*
I can’t complain life is great
I don’t sell drugs I did not make your mistakes
I got a show at Soldier Field*
You know my knees will kneed*
I made it to top, keeping real my new family’s appeal*
I was first known as Gwiz back when I performed prior persona*
But your inspiration led my final change into DaNoVa*
Better know the skill beholder
Steady Storytelling Holy lips spake Jehovah’s Soldier*
10, 9, 8, 7,6,5,4,3,2,1
Twas a knight like this one*