Coffee & Conversation 5 Featuring Pastor Gabriel Antunez - 49 ARREST 1 Liberación

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Join the Conversationalism! during the airing of Pastor Gabriel Antunez prerecorded Radio segment entitled "49 ARREST 1 Liberación". Broadcast on "THE 5:11 - CONSCIOUS RADIO NOW!"

Pastor Gabriel Antunez will share his Personal Testimony where he Triumphed over a dangerous life of gang crime in the City of Chicago which led to him being ARRESTED 49 TIMES!

Pastor Gabriel Antunez will describe moments in his life where JESUS left an impression which GOD would later use to breakdown his criminal minded indoctrination.

DaNoVa will Host and as always focus on "Current Scenario" Events in Pastor Gabriel's Life-Walk that only through the Power & Authority of JESUS, can humans Overcome & Understand.

This Episode will be Produced in DaNoVa's "Conscious Mentality" form of Christian Deliverance Ministry.

Pastor Gabriel Antunez will be reciting his story under THE,: Repentance, Deliverance, Discernment & New Hope Stratosphere as described in the following LINK:

We welcome cooperation from everyone. A special invitation goes to Pastor Gabriel Antunez closest Friends & Family as our Goal is to Endorse a Modern-Day JESUS CHRIST miracle over the Amazing Transformation Pastors's Life took. LET'S SUPPORT HIS POSITIVE GROWTH!! Thereby, we are seeking to establish Verifiers(Friends & Family) that would agree to Release Statements about Pastor's secular and Christian life characteristics.

Once again this is a "CONSCIOUS CHRISTIAN" event under the predetermined "CONSCIOUS MENTALITY CERTIFIED" format. Please be respectful in language but come-as-you-are and please share insight. Of Coarse, this is an event filled with the HOLY SPIRIT of JEHOVAH GOD and so expect to be Entertained and more over HEALED.

Hispanic Spanish and English participation is welcomed as it's a Bilingual Group.

-DaNoVa Founder Faith Music & Movies Jacksonville, Florida