DaNoVa was Born & Raised in the Neighborhood of Little Village on Chicago's Near Southwest Side. As a young boy, DaNoVa was Blessed with the Gift of Music as a Pentecostal by God's Holy Spirit. Later as a Teen, he was exposed to SIN up through his Adulthood. During that time, DaNoVa held on to his Gift of Music and brought that Gift into his Secular Experience. DaNoVa Performed & Promoted various Secular Tracks & Events in Chicagoland. 

Later, DaNoVa experienced Sin-Repentance, Demonic-Deliverance & under a New Hope, Reestablished his Gift under the Pretense of “The Conscious Mentality Movie.” This allowed for development of Media Discernment under the intention of holding to the Purest Holy Doctrine. DaNoVa has Developed a New Genre of Music entitled “Interpreting Glorification,” that of which Production is based upon Narrowing Down Lyrical Creativity to King James Version Biblical Verses. These Verses are Pronounced in a Melodic Form original to the Musical Calling Received by DaNoVa within a Pentecostal Church by God's Holy Spirit. 

Additional details include DaNoVa ‘s 2015-18 Academic Excellence at Chicago's SAE Campus. Here He received Diplomas and Achieved Honors accomplishing both Audio Engineering & Music Business Programs. Worth mentioning, is DaNoVa’s Academic Difficulties Prior to Receiving the Clarity of His Salvation In Jesus.

Also, in 2015 DaNoVa opened his first company entitled, “Faith Music & Movies,” where The Lord Inspired projects such as “The Conscious Mentality Movie,” and “A Conscious Moment,” Video Series. In September 2018, “ROMANS8,” was released as the First Ever Song Produced within the “Interpreting Glorification,” Genre. DaNoVa now sets out to Evangelize Salvation from SIN and Confusion while relating to a Secular World without a Judgemental Demeanor. 

Through Film, Music, Conversationalism and Testimony, DaNoVa Produces a Cutting-Edge New Style of Entertainment. This is a Biblically Based Platform where the Repented get Cleaner and the LOST are Oriented.